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“I can’t even begin to explain how thankful we are that we found Sleep Remedy. After not sleeping in a sound manner for over a year this has been just so absolutely amazing. Performance and showing up with authenticity is such an important part of our lives and our business and no matter how hard you work to push through it’s just impossible without proper sleep. We are finally getting back on track and are thankful to have found this to be a dynamic contributing factor!”
Michael Caron, M.Ed.

Founder, Get Burly

“My whole life I’ve struggled with sleep! Shift work has not helped that! Since I’ve started taking Sleep Remedy I’ve slept 8 straight hours every night. I’ve finally found something that is natural and leaves me not feeling “hungover” in the morning. I can still go to work and perform at my best! Since I’ve taken it I’ve not had an artificial sleep inducing medication since. I highly recommend this and will keep taking it as long as I’m working.”

Shift worker

“As a firefighter, shift work creates chronic sleep deprivation in my life. Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy allows me to get the best quality sleep I can when at home. The new formula is fantastic and I am sleeping deeper than ever before.”
James Geering

Firefighter, Behind the Shield Podcast

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