I blew a fuse… Literally! 

The other day I needed to replace a fuse in my car, so I went to an auto parts store.

But, the second I cross the threshold to the entrance, I was met with a rather stern directive:

“Sir, you have to have a mask…” 

My response: “I don’t have a mask, but I can pull my t-shirt over my face.”

I was then given a polite lecture on the regulations of Travis county (Texas) which state that you can use a shirt to cover your nose and mouth, but NOT a shirt that you’re wearing.

So, I removed my shirt, tied it around my head, grabbed and paid for my fuse, and made everyone uncomfortable.

Now, I certainly have my own thoughts on whether or not the masks we’re being made to wear are effective (see my blog post here), but what really concerns me is this:

Right now, the powers that be are making many important decisions driven by fear. 

I can tell you – from being in the SEAL Teams, from being a physician, from experiencing more than a few precarious and dangerous situations – fear and decision making are terrible bedfellows.

And yes, I do have my own thoughts on what we should be doing right now, and how COVID-19 current data suggests that it’s time to alter course.

For my full discourse, you check out the video.